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Blackpink lisa face shape

17.10.2020 By Zuzragore

Your honest thoughts on BlackPink's visuals? Tags: blackpink jennie jisoo lisa rose ygent. Who do think is the prettiest and most beautiful BP member? Results are only viewable after voting. I think she has low cheek bones? Jennies more of my style I think shes the prettiest.

JamlessCookies Rookie. Its great you like their visuals now please also appreciate their talents. Inactive Leader. LisaaaaasuprememadisynDibidibidisalex and 19 others like this. Eldoradotrash Newbie. I think they all are pretty, but Jennie's my fave. Peaceeverywhere Newbie. I really like Jisoo. All of them are beautiful but she's stands out a bit more in pictures not so much in MVs though.

I guess her personality makes her even more attractive.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa‘s big gorgeous eyes, small face, and flawless visuals.

InvisibleBBC02 Rookie. I think they're all gorgeous.

Lisa Deepfake Porn Videos

Personally, I find Lisa and Jennie the prettiest. Cutecocoa21 Rookie. For me it would be between Jennie and Jisoo. Tomochi Rookie. Since we're talking about visual, until recently I couldn't tell apart Jisoo from Rose. They looked the same to me Like they have that "perfect" face a plastic surgeon would want to advertise in front of their clinic, but it's not something that leaves an impression, at least that's how I feel The one that left an impression, for me would be Lisa, though I really don't like her rappingbut her visuals are the most memorable from the MV.

I dunno man I could never choose, beauty is always the last thing I'd look for. I don't know how to explain it but there's something off with them At first, I like Jennie better cause she has that chic cold girl vibe. But this photo of Jisoo just amazed me so much.

Damn this goddess. SoneJackkpop and Inactive like this. Lisa looks like a barbie with her perfect body, blonde hair and doll like features. Jisoo is just a goddess, like straight up she's the prettiest I've seen in Kpop. Jennie looks very seductive and sexy.Here are 10 outfit ideas for almost every single occasion and situation that we think you might like. Sunday brunch is one of the best times to show off your best purchases. We love how Lisa took her crop top and shorts combo to the next level with a colourful fur jacket and denim boots.

A turtleneck keeps the neck warm so you can even skip the scarf. Pick an oversized jacket like what Lisa is wearing for the ultimate devil-may-care look. Nothing screams resort more than a pastel-coloured flowy dress. This one has slits on the sleeves for a touch of sexiness, but remember to slather on more sunblock on those exposed areas. Make the oversized sweater look less sloppy by pairing it with a pair of skinny jeans, and then tucking it just in the middle of your jeans.

Of course, your sweater has to be relatively short lest it all gathers up in a bunch instead. Make sure to get one in a contrasting colour to make a fashion statement. When clashing prints, make sure you pair large prints with small ones, like how Lisa matched hers. Not going for a mono-coloured palette? Search for:.

View this post on Instagram. For Sunday brunch Sunday brunch is one of the best times to show off your best purchases. For the beach getaway Nothing screams resort more than a pastel-coloured flowy dress. For air-conditioned rooms Make the oversized sweater look less sloppy by pairing it with a pair of skinny jeans, and then tucking it just in the middle of your jeans.

For work When clashing prints, make sure you pair large prints with small ones, like how Lisa matched hers.After sweeping all three awards it was nominated for at the E! The Thai beauty-turned-K-pop star was praised in a July interview with people in New York City for having porcelain skin and long blonde hair.

Yung tinitingnan mo lang siya sa malayo At 22, Lisa became the most followed K-pop artist on Instagram in April. She now has around Ragnarok FTW!!!

10+ Pictures Of BLACKPINK’s Lisa That Shows That She’s Like A Walking Doll

Kahit man lang sa laro makaholding hands. Good morning! With your meaningful insights, help shape the stories that can shape the country. Sign up now! Philstar Global Corp. All Rights Reserved. My Profile Sign Out. Would Alden agree? Ratziel San Juan Philstar.

Related Stories. View this post on Instagram. LIST: 4 tips for stronger immunity this LIST: 3 things investors need to consider in the time of global health crisis. Globe donates preloaded mobile phones to frontliners.

Want to win P9 billion playing Powerball? How to stay healthy by choosing what FillsGood. Retail warriors share stories of resilience.Tags: blackpink jennie jisoo lisa rose. Chaittra Elite. They have killer bodies. Anyway let's discuss each member Let me explain 1. Jennie is definitely in 1st place Lisa - Her proportions and body frame is really good and she is healthy.

But now she is losing a lot of body fat esp. Jisoo - Jisoo has the most healthiest body along with Jennie but she has to gain a little muscle.

Her weight fluctuates a lot compared to others and that is not an issue obviously but because BP projects that tough exterior as their style so it's better if Jisoo gains a little muscle without losing any fat.

It will also help her with dancing and her moves will look sharper. Rose's body is different I am not saying she is abnormal but I guess I'm exactly saying that. If you observe, her backbone has more curve than others including you and me. Like we cannot lose weight and get Rose's body, you have to be born that way.

Her butt and Lisa's butt is pretty much same but because of her structure and her tiny waist she appears a lot more curvy. That's why some of her dance moves look so much sexier than rest But also some of her moves look odd.

So she can be in all three positions with other members depending on what she is doing Both Lisa and Rose need to gain a little weight Even if they haven't had a comeback it doesn't mean they don't train everyday and if your output in higher than your input then you will obviously lose weight and both of them have.

Even if they have always been skinny and healthy you can see that now they are at their skinniest so they have to eat a lot more to cope up with training and stuff or they will shrink faster. I like Jisoos the best, second would be Jennie, third Rose and last would be Lisa. Its not because i dont like their body but i like curves :'. FavorKelly and lighterxx like this. Chaittra likes this. I think every body type is beautiful and killer whether it be blackpink's or even yours!

KpopCaptain Super Rookie. They are a ridiculously attractive GG, look great and I hope they are healthy.

Your honest thoughts on BlackPink's visuals?

ValenttinnaFavorKellyParkJinnyisunder and 6 others like this. Darkwah99 Public Figure. I wonder if you would tell someone who is overweight to lose weight. FavorKellyMonstaXisLife and jenstals like this. FavorKellyallinonetonone and Chaittra like this. I mean theyre all goddesses though def agree on lisa though. Jennis and jisoo seems the most decent weights atm. But they all visual queens bish. I like Jennies body the most because its proportionate but she has no butt.

Jisoo thiccest in bp but that doesn't really say much, shes still thinner than most of rv and twice.The quartet has been spending a lot of time in California, where they kicked off their North American tour.

Jennie has been the most dedicated when it comes to her health — even when they're on break, she works out and watches what she eats. And when they're getting ready for promotions, she becomes stricter with diet: "Even when they're eating something delicious, I just eat porridge since I'm on a no-salt diet because I tend to swell when I eat a lot of salty food.

Her go-to workout is fly yoga, but she's also been experimenting with pilates. Rose is also a big fan of pilates; she does it once every two days. You can see her exercising with her personal trainer at the mark in this video:. As for snacks, I eat more fruits than things such as chips.

blackpink lisa face shape

Lisathe group's maknae and dancing machine, doesn't like working out. We don't think she really needs to, since she dances every chance she gets:. Jisooon the other hand, reveals that she gains weight easily. But after spending more time with the other members, she's noticed a difference.

10 Fashion Tips To Steal From Blackpink’s Lisa

Like Lisa, Jisoo doesn't really go to the gym and only relies on their dance practices for exercise. And we understand why: We're already out of breath just watching these dance practice videos:. Extreme dieting is a norm in South Korea, especially in the entertainment industry. Follow Ysa on Instagram. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on Cosmo. By continued use, you agree to our privacy policy and accept our use of such cookies.

Find out more here. I Agree I Disagree.I'm in no way encouraging plastic surgery nor photo shop, I'm showcasing blackpink by the korean ideal, please don't misunderstand or comment hate, thank you. I changed her face shape, we all know she's a kyoot lil chickmunk, but for this I had to get rid of her cute cheeks : I gave her a V shape, I also made her eyes a tad bit bigger, her eyes already match the ideal I think, and her lips just needed some tint, eyebrows needed to be darker, and she was already pale.

Her nose is already perfect but I minimized it to get the perfect button. Because she's Thai you'd think she wouldn't have to worry about what people said around her about kbeauty, but no, since she's in the Korean industry, she gets mass hate for not looking "korean" new flash, she isn't korean : Anyways, what I changed and why was first I made her eyes smaller, why? She has really big eyes already, even bigger then the ideal, so I minimized that a bit, I couldn't give her a V shaped jaw because she kinda already does in this photo, but I did give her cheekbones, monkey Lisa flashbacks are coming back if you know what I'm talking about kkkk but I made her nose smaller even though it's already perfect as it is, but to fit the Korean ideal, I made it smaller as well as her mouth.

Makeup was all simple, by a bit a tint on the eyebrows and lips. I had to whitewash her a bit, and if you know me you know I absolutely no costs HATE whitewashing, so this really hurt my pride I gave her eyebrows XD, sadly I forgot to add some double eyelids, but she fits the korean ideal better without them, I added some tints and makeups, I made her jaw into a V, her eyes bigger, I gave her contacts.

Oh and I made her nose smaller even though it's literally a bean uwu. Well let's show the next contestant lol. She looks like dara now woah But anyways, I made her face a tiny bit skinnier even though it's already super skinny, I made her eyes bigger, give her some makeup, double eyelids?

I don't remember exactly, I made her lips a bit smaller though, I also made her eyes closer, nose smaller even though I thought that was impossible, and just like the other members the before is way better, she was already perfect, no standards queen. These would probably be the members if they were allowed plastic surgery Aww thanks and no, they wouldn't have done ps most likely, or they would've done something small like a V face shape surgery or a nose job.

blackpink lisa face shape

Very simple. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. I worked really hard on this, and I hope you guys enjoy it! General Korean ideal girl:.

Likes Comments Like Maria Girls. This was really cool to see this! Join the community. Get App. Cookie Policy This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.The video was taken during Elkie's stay in Hong Kong, along with the squad consisting of Thai K-pop idols.

Since they are often busy, the time they get to spend together is precious. This interaction of the idols melted the hearts of their viewers and subscribers. It was also rare to see idols from different companies or groups to hang out with one another, with pure friendship only and no rivalry. Fans, however, were a bit dismayed when throughout the less than 8-minute video, Lisa's face was not even shown.

It was also noticeable that Sorn was trying hard to avoid filming the superstar. Lisa took the camera and played as the videographer instead. The restriction on showing the face of Lisa was earlier explained in the video by CLC's Sorn, saying, "Lisa can't show her face, but her voice is fine. BLINKs then claimed that Lisa's agency was being greedy, as they can't reveal her face even with friends' vlogs without payment or contract.

Fans also think that this is to prevent unauthorized use of the members' videos or appearances. On another note, viewers don't have a choice but to enjoy the video even with only Lisa's voice, who seemed to have enjoyed their lunch nonetheless.

Meanwhile, to see more of Lisa's content, fans are free to visit their official YouTube channel, featuring the members' scheduled activities, behind-the-scenes clips and performances. Previously, the global K-pop group achieved another milestone in their career, being the Most Subscribed Music Group not only in Asia but in the world! Not to mention that they are the first K-pop group to reach Currently, they are on the 9th rank for a Music artist with most subscribers, and the fourth female artist by rank.

The idols defeated the former artist in the position with 34 million subscribers, who's now at the 10th place: she is the superstar Rihanna. This just proves that the female group is not only influential physically but digitally as well. It is well-known that dating is a sensitive topic for Korean pop icons especially in the first few years following their debut, which is why several companies, including JYP and YG implement dating bans.

It all stems from the possessive nature of Korean pop culture wherein fans believe that the icons are theirs and, therefore, should keep working hard and not date.

blackpink lisa face shape

Red Velvet's Irene is one of the K-pop idols that fans have been praising due to her "original visuals. Related Stories! This Is What We Know. Latest Photo Gallery. Male Idols and Their Crushes. Stunning Red Dresses That are Must-haves for